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My phoenix moment

How Rebirthing Breathwork is burning down my inner people pleaser and allowing a stronger, more aligned version of me to emerge

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The founder of Rebirthing Breathwork, Leonard Orr, believed the best way to receive the potentially life-changing benefits of Rebirthing Breathwork is through 10 one-on-one sessions undertaken with an experienced practitioner in a relatively short period of time (e.g. within 3 months).

As a Rebirthing Breathwork practitioner, I have personally undertaken many one-on-one sessions, but had not experienced a concentrated series of Rebirthing Breathwork sessions with the same practitioner… until now!

As part of my ongoing professional development, I’ve teamed up with another Rebirthing Breathwork practitioner and we’ve committed to guiding each other through a concentrated series of 10 Rebirthing Breathwork sessions. I’m working with the phenomenal Bec Gutsche of AyaKani, who is based at the Sunshine Coast, for any of you who are located up that way.

When we started working together, I knew this would be an amazing experience for both of us, but I wasn't prepared for how different each session would be, and how much they would surprise, confront, delight, calm, activate, challenge and inspire me... and how much I'd enjoy holding Bec through her experience.

Three sessions in and so much has already shifted in my life (and in hers, but that’s for her to share)! I set some big intentions at the beginning of our time working together, and many of them are miraculously making their way into reality much more quickly than expected... or perhaps it's that my internal resistance to receiving them has dropped away?!

Getting comfortable with discomfort

I’ve experienced a series of contractions and expansions within my own life (yes, very much like the birthing process!) The old is being shifted out… think some very intense revisiting of old patterns and stories, difficult yet profound opportunities to respond differently to situations that in the past would have tripped me up, the opportunity to have the hard conversations and disappoint others, while saying yes to myself (very important for an aligned life, methinks!) and a series of almost miraculous-seeming flow-state scenarios, that have made all the difficult parts worthwhile.

At the moment I feel very very uncomfortable… but I know that that’s because I’m in the midst of an intense stage of growth, so I’m getting comfortable with being uncomfortable.

So what does this look like in real life?

I’m outgrowing the old version of me who:

  1. was a “yes” girl and people pleaser

  2. accepted less than she deserved because she thought she needed to content herself with the “crumbs”

  3. put her own needs at the bottom of the priority list, and

  4. was afraid to be seen and heard.

Listening to our body’s wisdom

Because Rebirthing Breathwork is so body-centred, when we do this work in an intentional and consistent way, our bodies no longer allow us to undermine or devalue ourselves. During or in between sessions, if we listen, our bodies will show us – through our intuition or through aches and pains or even illness – where we are out of balance. If we listen to and learn from that body wisdom we can come into greater alignment with ourselves and our soul purpose.

When we do this work, decisions and choice points become very clear, the heart begins to share what it really desires, and life starts looking a whole lot more aligned and purpose-driven.

A regulated nervous system… yummy!

The best thing I have noticed about myself since beginning the 10 sessions is that my nervous system feels better regulated on a day-to-day basis. I’m feeling more calm and capable, I’m making better decisions and I’m feeling clearer and as though my baseline of emotional and mental wellbeing is consistently at a higher level than when I wasn’t doing in the middle of this 10 session process.

I look forward to updating you as my 10-session journey progresses… but to say the least, life feels VERY much in technicolour right now!

Curious about embarking upon a 10-session Rebirthing Breathwork journey?

It’s totally worth it!

Check out my 10-session package:

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