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"Jo’s nurturing energy enables her to hold a beautiful and relaxing space for her clients! I have experienced her breath work online and I can assure you that the energy travels beautifully via the ether! I have had profound experiences during her breath work sessions! Jo’s guidance is not overpowering and she works intuitively with your experience, gently nudging you to go a little deeper if needed and allowing you to go fully into an experience safely.


I would highly recommend Jo as rebirthing breathworker and also an intuitive healer! I can only imagine that the in person breath work experience, with her intuitive vocalising and sound healing would be even more mind blowing!"

- Alysia

"Such a beautiful human being to walk with through this experience. I felt held, cared for and I’m so grateful for our connection and growth. Digging deep into emotions and figuring out what gold the depths hold was transforming to say the least!


Kind, gentle and straightforward information and questions helps you see who you truly are and to be loved, no matter what, is so healing. What a learning process to an opening of your heart. Thank you Jo and much love.
You have a true gift to see people’s souls."

- Bec 


"Jo generously suggested allowing my body to breathe me!
Having experienced group breath work before (years ago) I was surprised by Jo's gentle approach + no work required!

With generous attention the breathing technique was clearly explained. I felt comfortable, safe & excited to begin the inward journey breathing.
I let my body breath me!

Wow what an experience, I am so very thankful for what came + what continues to move through my awareness to this day.

Thank you Jo for an incredible connected experience + healing."

- Glenda

"As an empathic and skilled practitioner, Jo guided me with concise, clear instructions, through a series of breathing exercises. Throughout our sessions, Jo was able to generate a space of non-judgement were I felt held and safe to express my needs as I breathed and allowed my body to relax and lovingly release. Jo’s supportive feedback and encouragement, was pivotal in helping me to overcome the feelings and obstacles that arose during the breathing exercises.

Jo is highly intuitive, this allowed her to attune to my unspoken process and respond by incorporating sound healing techniques. Aided by a drum, shakers, her beautiful voice and shamanic vocal patterns, Jo is able to generate a surreal experience where the conscious and the unconscious are connected through intuition.

My sessions with Jo leave me feeling relaxed, centered and empowered, in spite of the painfulness and heaviness of the issues I was dealing with. I consider her my shaman."

- Andrea

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